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Meet our providers

Provider Brenda Rick

Brenda Rick, APC, FNP-C, MSN, BSN

Specialty: Family Medicine

Provider Jessica Wirth

Jessica Wirth, APRN, FNP-c, MSN, BAN

Specialty: Family Medicine

Provider Jennifer Sheffield

Jennifer Sheffield, MD

Specialty: Family Medicine

Melissa Pahl

Melissa Pahl, APRN, FNP-c, MSN

Specialty: Family Medicine

Our team of physicians, professionals, outreach specialists and staff are educated and trained in the latest medical technology, yet they also understand the importance of each patient's emotional and spiritual health. The following providers have privileges at CHI St. Francis Health.

Emergency Medicine

Timothy Nyarandi, MD

Michael Ginder, MD

Conrad Hanstein, MD

Obinna Nwadibia, MD

Richard Pretorius, MD

Michael Rath, MD


Nurse Anesthetist

Kory Albert, CRNA

Amy Bakke, CRNA

Deanna Balvitsch, CRNA

Ronald Beare, CRNA

Heidi Genereux, CRNA

Tammy Hoganson, CRNA

Renee Peterson, CRNA

Nina Wentz, CRNA


Family Medicine

Patrick Emery, MD

Timothy Nyarandi, MD

Theodore Haskin, DO

Brenda Rick, NP

Jennifer Sheffield, MD

Jessica Wirth, NP



Stephanie Gefroh, MD

Brett Larson, MD


General Surgery

Jerome Guanciale, DO

Anne Keating, MD

Thomas Mohs, MD

Paul Wasemiller, MD



Steven Thom, MD



Patrick Emery, MD

Timothy Nyarandi, MD

Jennifer Sheffield, MD



Scott Pauley, MD

Gregory Smith, MD

Internal Medicine

Duane Strand, MD