Wellness Center

When you or a loved one experiences a physical setback, you have one job to do - heal. It's our job to help, and that's where the rehabilitation services team at CHI St. Francis Health comes in.

Rehabilitation Services consists of the departments of: Physical Therapy, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, and the Medical Wellness Center.

Our physical, speech and occupational therapists most commonly help patients recover from stroke, injury or surgery. They also treat patients with chronic medical problems or disorders. Whether or not the patient is staying in the hospital, therapists work to provide quality care that focuses on treating the whole patient, not just the symptoms.


  • Wellness is making the decision to choose options that promote optimal health.
  • Wellness is the process of seeking integration of body, mind and spirit.
  • Wellness is establishing a lifestyle that incorporates mental and spiritual wholeness.
  • Wellness is nutritional awareness, physical fitness and environmental sensitivity.
  • Wellness is pursued to promote health for rehabilitation, to enhance quality of life, and to maximize potential.
  • Wellness is recognizing your responsibility of stewardship as it relates to your health (body-mind-spirit).
  • Wellness is the right and privilege of everyone.
  • Wellness is acceptance of yourself and others in a loving, caring way.

How to get started:

  1. Consult your health professional for medical referral to participate in the Medical Wellness Center.
  2. Call for an appointment at 218-643-0345 to meet with a Medical Wellness staff person to review the services and establish a plan on a goal sheet to achieve your personal Medical Wellness goals that will be monitored by staff over a three-month period of time.  Your goal results can be sent to your physician.  Your physician will help determine whether this program is right for you in meeting your personal Medical Wellness goals (ie, improving strength, weight management, flexibility, etc. and the maintenance of those set goals).
  3. Participate in the Medical Wellness Services - exercise on a variety of machines & equipment, monthly reviews, discussions and answers to health related questions.