Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic Therapy - performing exercises in water - is an ideal solution for patients who have difficulty with balance, limited weight bearing ability or weakness.

Water supports the body, reduces joint stress, and provides both resistance and assistance to movement. With aquatic therapy or aquatic rehabilitation, patients can improve mobility, strength, and function quite rapidly during the healing process. Though aquatic therapy is not recommended for people with certain medical conditions, the vast majority of patients can participate.


How to get started

  1. Consult your health professional for medical referral to participate in the Medical Wellness Center.
  2. Call for an appointment at 218-643-0345 to meet with a Medical Wellness staff person to review the services and establish a plan on a goal sheet to achieve your personal Medical Wellness goals that will be monitored by staff over a three-month period of time.  Your goal results can be sent to your physician.  Your physician will help determine whether this program is right for you in meeting your personal Medical Wellness goals (ie, improving strength, weight management, flexibility, etc. and the maintenance of those set goals).
  3. Participate in the Medical Wellness Services - exercise on a variety of machines & equipment, monthly reviews, discussions and answers to health related questions.
Individual receiving aquatic therapy at CHI St. Francis Health - We are here for all your therapy needs