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Rehabilitation Services

Rehabilitation services consist of occupational therapy, physical therapy, restorative nursing, speech therapy, and resident activities.

Occupational Therapy
Available upon written order by a physician and is available for residents to increase muscle strength, mobility, and fitting adaptive equipment.


Physical Therapy
Available upon written order by a physician. Consultation is made with a Physical Therapist. Programs are set up to maintain, improve or restore function.


Restorative Nursing
Assists residents in activities of daily living. This includes but is not limited to practice in walking, dressing, passive and active range of motion.


Speech Therapy
Available upon written order by a physician and is available for residents who experience speech and physical disorders i.e. swallowing problems.


Resident Activities
A wide range of activities is offered to residents to provide entertainment and to promote social relationships among the residents. Activities include but are not limited to: bingo, card playing, sing along, outdoor bowling, gardening, and pet therapy. Residents are encouraged to participate in activity programs, which allows for stimulating thinking and resident concentration abilities.

Social Services

St. Francis Nursing Home offers social services to address your needs in:

  • Coordination of services after hospital stay.
  • Coordinating communication for health care decisions.
  • Assist in placement needs i.e. alternative housing, home care, nursing home, or swing bed referrals.
  • Specific counseling and care coordination.

Spiritual Sevices

St. Francis Spiritual Services staff are available to residents daily for comfort and support. The staff is dedicated to the resident's welfare as a whole person, which includes the spiritual, psychological and physical needs. A Memorial Service for families of residents who have passed away is held three times per year.

Many opportunities for spiritual growth are offered to the residents. Denominational services are scheduled on a regular basis.

Read about our admission requirements and how to get started with an application.

Additional services at the St. Francis Nursing Home include food and nutrition, hair salon and barber shop, laundry service, pharmacy and more.