Qualifications for residency

Residency is restricted to income eligible applicants who are able to live independently and meet the following criteria: an adult head of household, co-head or spouse who is 62 years or older.

For current income limits contact the housing manager at  218.643.0407

Rental Assistance
Financial assistance is available through HUD Section 8, a Department of Housing and Urban Development program. Persons with incomes less than 50% of the median income for the area may be eligible for this assistance. Qualified tenants are expected to pay 30% of their adjusted income or 10% of their annual income for rent whichever is higher.

Smoking Policy
Appletree Court is a smoke free environment.  No smoking in the building, apartments or grounds is permitted.  This supports a Healthier Community Initiative.

Front lobby of Appletree Court

Front lobby of Appletree Court