Handicap Services


The main entrance lobby is open Monday through Friday, Weekends and Holidays - 6:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Access after this time is through the emergency department entrance.

Interpreter Services
Interpreter Services are available. Ask your physician or nurse to contact a member of our health care team and an interpreter will be requested at no cost to you.

TTY Operator
If you or your family member are hearing impaired, TTYs (Telephone Text), also known as TDDs (telecommunication devices for the deaf) are available, please consult your nurse.

Handicapped visitor and patient parking lots are available in front of the campus.

Walking Impaired
If a visitor is walking impaired, a wheelchair or scooter is available for them to use during their visit here. They are located by the main front entrance. Please ask Guest Service Receptionist for help if needed.