Community Garden Fundraiser

Luke Preussler, Director of Mission at CHI St. Francis Health, is raising awareness and funds to support the community garden on the campus of St. Francis Health in Breckenridge. On October 1 and 2, 2020 Luke will run 100 miles between Brainerd, MN and Bemidji, MN along the Paul Bunyan Trail. He is joined on the trail by his friend and running companion, Pastor Justin Domogalla of Park Rapids, MN. The two men are passionate about building health equity and advocacy for those experiencing poverty.

The garden at St. Francis, a partnership with Cargill and other community partners, will provide much needed food security for our community—especially as demand for food assistance is on the rise in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please support this effort by considering a sponsorship level.

Sponsor levels:

10% of the run at $10

25% at $25

50% at $50

or 100% at $100


Donations to the St. Francis Health Foundation will be used to purchase equipment, supplies, irrigation, inputs, and other needs for the development of the garden in the 2021 growing season.

Luke says, “This is an excellent opportunity to elevate a need we have in our communities. Food security is foundational to health: physical, mental, and spiritual. With many of our neighbors struggling to access healthy foods, the garden at St. Francis will be one more resource for fresh, local food, education, and building community. I can’t wait to see what it will become.”

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